Fusion Stereo Active WS-SA150

FUSION StereoActive Portable Water Sports Stereo

  • Portable Water Sports Stereo
  • 20 Watts x 2
  • Floating
  • Battery Life 20 Hours 
  • Bluetooth / USB / AM / FM / iPhone / Android
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FUSION StereoActive

Prvi prijenosni stereo uređaj na svijetu za vodene sportove

Predstavljamo FUSION STEREOACTIVE™ - na svijetu prvi stereo uređaj za vodene sportove. STEREOACTIVE projektiran je za teške uvjete rada na vodi i osiguravanje kristalno čistog zvuka koji aktivnosti na vodi daje novu dimenziju.

To nije samo standardni Bluetooth zvučnik, ovo je IPx7 certificiran, vodootporan prijenosni stereo uređaj koji pluta! Sus­tav uključuje jedinstveni FUSION PUCK sustav ugradnje koji vam omogućuje sigurno učvršćivanje za bilo koji dasku, kajak, kanu, čamac ili čak jacuzzi



Bluetooth / USB / AM / FM / iPhone / Android

Radio Prijemnik

AM / FM (Japan, Australasia, Europe, USA)

USB Format

FAT 32

USB Audio Format

MP3 (Maksimum 250 fileova po mapi 250 u korjenu mape)

Za iPod i iPhone

Apple IAP2 Lightning konektor proizvodi: iPhone 7/Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 6s/Plus, iPhone 6/Plus, iPhone 5/5c/5s, iPod touch 5ta/6ta gen

AOA Android dodaci

Android Open Source Protokol - lista uređaja dolazi uskoro

Veličina zvučnika

2 x 2.5” prilagođeni dizajn + pasivni zvučnik

Izlazno Pojačalo

Klasa-D / 40 wata (2 X 20W Stereo)

Baterija do 20 sati

Dvostruke unutrašnje punjive litij ion baterije velikog kapaciteta pružaju do 20 sati korištenja

Specifikacije punjača

110~220 VAC zidni punjač (dolazi u paketu) ili 12VDC 2A auto punjač (opcijski dodatak) – napuni bateriju unutar 3 sata


IPx7 / plutajući


Polikarbonat s TPE oklopom

FUSION-Link Remote App - Bluetooth

Kontrola preko: Apple (Uređaji sa lightning konektorom) i App Android

Garmin Smartwatch App preko ANT

Garmin pametni satovi (VivoActive / HR , Fenix 3 / HR, Tactix Bravo, Quatix 3, D2 bravo) – potreban je FUSION-LInk App preko Garmin Connect IQ Stor

Glasovne poruke

12 jedinstvenih multi-jezičnih glasovnih poruka dostupne su za skidanje. Dostupni jezici su Engleski, Francuski, Njemački, Nizozemski, Talijanski i Španjolski


Standardni FUSION Puck nosač isporučen sa vijcima i ljepljivom podlogom, posebna rješenja puck montaže dostupna su s dodacima.


236mm X 82mm X 139mm


1,3 kg

Forget about how you used to combine your music and water sports.

This. Stereo. Changes. Everything.

Finally, a stereo designed for YOUR waterlife. A fully integrated system that brings crystal clear, audiophile-quality music to your stand-up paddleboard, kayak, canoe, dinghy, jon boat or paddle boat, plus a host of outdoor locations like your jacuzzi, poolside cabana or just out camping! A stereo that is not just waterproof to IPX7 standards, it floats! With the unique, built-in Fusion Puck Mounting System, your StereoActive will be securely attached to your water sports ride of choice. And you'll find controlling your StereoActive to be easy and intuitive with free Fusion-Link app solutions that connect it wirelessly to your Apple or Android smartphone or Garmin smartwatch!

Playback and Streaming Options

Enjoy your stored music collection from any compatible A2DP Bluetooth-enabled Apple or Android device
Stream from any of the popular music services via Bluetooth
Tune in with the built-in AM / FM radio tuner
Stay alert to changing weather with Weatherband (available in USA only)
Play MP3 media from a low profile USB flash drive

IPX7 Waterproof

Waves, dunks, capsizes, splashes, even spilling your drink on it are no problem! The StereoActive is engineered to protect against the effects of water immersion up to one meter in depth for 30 minutes. And in case you're prone to dropping things in the water, it also floats so you can retrieve it without anyone being the wiser. 

Class-D Amplifier

The highly efficient Class-D amplifier delivers a powerful 2 x 20 watts to the speakers. Class-D technology means more power and longer battery life for day-long audio enjoyment. This amp features no audible compression effects—even at high volumes! From Pachelbel to Pink, you'll get warm sound and rich bass at low levels and no distortion at high levels.

Directional Sound

Dual 2 1/2" diameter custom-designed speakers are protected with a rugged case that features precisely calculated internal air volume that complements the driver and passive radiator system to deliver the kind of music reproduction demanded by the audiophiles among you. The long excursion directional speaker design provides greater cut through in the outdoor environment for a more personal listening experience. The off axis correction of the polycarbonate grille is designed to bring the audio to you without disturbing others on the water who don't necessarily appreciate the nuances of the latest boy band sound.

Music Controls

The large, easy-to-press buttons on the high grade rubber overmolded keypad have a scalloped design with an express purpose—you can tap them with your SUP, kayak or canoe paddle to adjust the entertainment! That's right, no need to stop paddling, kneel down (or crawl forward) and fumble with the controls! Plus, 12 unique voice prompts (available in 5 languages) provide audio feedback when you engage with the StereoActive. As you cycle music sources, save presets or charge the battery, you'll stay informed along the way.

Built-in Power

The StereoActive's dual high powered lithium-ion cells are reliable, have a long life expectancy and will keep the beat going for up to 20 hours (depending on listening volume and connection type)! The supplied 110~220 Volt AC wall charger will recharge the battery capacity to 100% within 3 hours.

USB and Emergency Charge

A water-resistant cavity provides secure housing for a low profile USB flash drive inside the StereoActive, allowing you to enjoy your favorite MP3 tracks while keeping the flash drive safe. If your smartphone is running low on power the USB port also provides an emergency charge system (dependent on StereoActive battery state). You can connect your Apple IAP2 Lightning connector products and AOA 2.0 Android phones to the USB port to enjoy audio playback directly from your smartphone while charging.

AM / FM Radio

Stay on top of current events or tune into your favorite hits with the built-in AM / FM tuner. A sophisticated internal antenna enables clear reception and dedicated preset buttons have been allocated on the keypad for your favorite stations. Weatherband is available in USA only.


Stream audio from popular services and select from your full catalog of music using a compatible A2DP Bluetooth-enabled Apple or Android device.

POV Camera Mounting

A flat mounting surface has been perfectly positioned to allow you to mount your Garmin Virb or other POV action camera (sold separately) to your StereoActive. (You'll be able to control your Garmin Virb with the same Garmin smartwatch you use to control your StereoActive. More on that below.)

Fusion Puck

Worried about your stereo floating away? You can secure your StereoActive to any surface with the innovative Fusion Puck mounting solution and concentrate on enjoying your music instead. The directional mount system allows you to face the StereoActive in four directions. Engineered for easy puck and play, it is keyed in place to reduce movement when a button is pressed. The included Puck system includes both a 3mm adhesive pad for temporary mounting and mounting screws for fixed placement or integration with a Ram Mount. Fusion has partnered with Ram Mounts and RailBlaza to create specialized Puck solutions that are compatible with their products in case the standard Puck solution won't work with your mounting location choice.

Watch It!

By using the power of ANT, Garmin smartwatch owners can track their pulse or paddle stroke, plus directly control the StereoActive music source, even in the absence of a smartphone connection. Turn the volume up / down, skip tracks (to keep your country music addiction secret) and change sources directly from your wrist with a compatible smart watch. Current supported watches include: Garmin VivoActive HR, VivoActive, Quatix 3, Fenix 3 and Fenix 3 HR.

Fusion-Link App

Garmin smartwatch owners and Apple or Android smartphone users can enjoy Bluetooth wireless control with the free Fusion-Link app, available for download from Garmin Connect, the Apple App store or Google Play store. The app will let you set tuner regions, scan stations, set pre-sets, adjust the volume and select your favorite track with compatible devices.


Here's where things get really interesting. Wondering what to do with your smartphone, keys and other valuables while you're out on the water? The ActiveSafe (sold separately) is THE solution for a stereo and storage combo. Just like the StereoActive, the ActiveSafe works with the Fusion Puck mounting solution and your StereoActive will mount directly on top of it. The ActiveSafe is also rated IPX7 waterproof and it floats—even when attached to your StereoActive.


Dimensions: 9 5/16"W x 6 1/2"D x 3 1/4"H
Weight: 2lb. 14oz.
Chassis: Polycarbonate with TPE overmold

StereoActive Portable Water Sports Stereo, Blue

Battery Life

20 Hours


Red or White or Blue


Garmin Smartwatches


FM/AM Radio
USB Port
Voice Prompts




20 Watts x 2


9 5/16" Width x 3 1/4" Height x 6 1/2" Depth

Mount Type

Screw On
Ram Mounts


2 Pounds 4 Ounces


One Year

Product Specifications


Bluetooth / USB / AM / FM / iPhone / Android / Weatherband (Weatherband available in USA only)


AM / FM (Japan, Australasia, Europe, USA) + Weatherband (Weatherband available in USA only)

USB Format

FAT 32

USB Audio Format

MP3 (Maximum 250 files per folder and 250 in the root directory)

Made for iPod and iPhone

Apple IAP2 Lightning Connector Products: iPhone 7/Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 6s/Plus, iPhone 6/Plus, iPhone 5/5c/5s, iPod touch 5th/6th gen

AOA Android Open Accessory

Android Open Source Protocol - List of Devices Coming Soon

Speaker Size

2 x 2.5” Custom Design + Passive Radiator

Amplifier Output

Class-D / 40 watts (2 X 20W Stereo)

Battery Up To 20 Hours

Dual Internal rechargeable high powered lithium ion cells provides up to 20 hours of use

Charging Requirements

110~220 Volt AC wall charger (supplied) or 12vdc 2a car charger (optional accessory) - charges within 3 hour

Water Resistance Rating

IPx7 / Floats


Polycarbonate With TPE Overmold

FUSION-Link Remote App - Bluetooth

Control via: Apple (Lightning Connector products) and Android

Garmin Smartwatch App via ANT

Garmin Smartwatches (VivoActive / HR , Fenix 3 / HR, Tactix Bravo, Quatix 3, D2 bravo) - Requires FUSION-LInk App via Garmin Connect IQ Stor

Voice Prompts

12 unique Multi-Language Voice Prompts Available for Download. Languages available in English, French, German, Dutch, Italian and Spanish


Standard FUSION Puck Mount Supplied with screw and Adhesive Pad, Custom Puck Mounting Solutions are Available as Accessories. Puck protectiv


236mm X 82mm X 139mm


1.3 KG

Fusion Stereo Active WS-SA150

  • StereoActive
  • punjač 220V
  • punjive litij ion baterije
  • puck za ugradnju
  • dokumentacija


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