Dometic Waeco VD-09 O-isparivač za Seriju 80

WAECO O-EVAPORATOR VD-09 for series 80

O-evaporator for installation in chest coolers, specially suitable for medium refrigeration capacities, evaporator can be used as deep-freeze compartment

Cooling capacities : 160 litres max. with 35 mm PU insulation,180 litres max. with 50 mm PU insulation

Power input : approx. 60 W

Current consumption : 2.25 Ah/h with 35 mm PU insulation, 1.75 Ah/h with 50 mm PU insulation, both at +5 °C interior temperature, +32 °C ambient temperature and medium cooling capacities

CIJENA: 1.503,00 KN
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