• GPS Ploter fishfinder NMEA
  • SideImaging DownImaginng DualBeam
  • Ethernet Networking
  • 360 Capable
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Ethernet Networking (G2N) – Any model with  the “G2N” designation now have an ethernet connection on the back of the unit. You need to buy dongle cables AS EC QDE for each unit you want to connect, and a 5 port ethernet switch AS ETH 5PXG for networking more than two units.

360 Capable (G2N) – Since each G2N model is now Ethernet capable, these models can now display the exclusive 360 Imaging. Bow 360 allows you to see up to 150 feet all around you at all times. You can track schools of bait and fish as well as pinpoint cast to specific targets around you.

Humminbird HELIX 7 CHIRP SI SONAR GPS G2N  Šifra: 410340-1

The HELIX 7 CHIRP SI GPS G2N features a large 7" display with LED backlight, CHIRP-ing Side Imaging, Down Imaging and 2D sonar. Includes GPS chartplotting, built-in Bluetooth, Ethernet networking capabilities, AutoChart Live with depth, vegetation and bottom hardness mapping.

*Optional 50 kHz transducers available for extreme deepwater.

360 Imaging

360 Imaging - We have you surrounded. 360 Imaging allows you to isolate your sweep, see 5 preset views or see all around you.

Side Imaging Sonar

Side Imaging Sonar -- Gain a 180° side to side perspective on the world below the surface


SwitchFire Sonar -- Take command of how your sonar returns appear with our Clear and Max Modes.

DualBeam Plus Sonar

Two beams combine for great detail and a wide coverage area. Use the narrow beam for high-accuracy returns and bottom. Use the wide beam when you want a larger search area

Internal GPS

GPS antenna built into the head unit

Upgradeable Software

Up-gradable Software -- Access software updates to enhance the performance of your Humminbird unit through our My Humminbird section of the site

High Definition Display

Provides bright, crystal-clear images for easy viewing in harsh sunlight

Unimap Cartography

The Humminbird UniMap is a built-in map covering the contiguous US coastline, inland lakes and rivers at 30 meters per pixel resolution


Rig up the ultimate fishing system. Use our 5-Port Ethernet switch to link together multiple Humminbird head units or share transducers



Browser Built-In -- Surf the web, monitor weather and stay connected from the dock, offshore waters and in between.

Single Card Slot

Single SD Card Slot -- Use for advanced cartography or to save your screenshots, sonar recordings and waypoints


NMEA 2000 ready - Boat performance, weather or water conditions, make sense of it all with our networking solutions

I-Pilot Link

i-Pilot Link is an integrated GPS Trolling System available on select Minn Kota Ulterra, Terrova and PowerDrive V2 motors which enable your motor and Humminbird to communicate.

AutoChart Live

Make a map where there is no map. Our patent pending AutoChart Live allows you to create digital, detailed maps live and on the water. You can also use it to enhance your existing charts.


SmartStrike takes you straight to the action by showing you where the fish are biting at any given moment.

NMEA 2000

Get an at-a-glance view of fuel consumption, engine performance and other vessel data.


Take wireless control of your Humminbird with our new Bluetooth Remote and Dongle

Micro SD Card Reader

Use for advanced cartography or to save screenshots, sonar recordings and waypoints or to update your units software.

Display Pixel Matrix:800H x 480V
Display Type:Color TFT
Display Colors Grayscale:16-bit
Sonar Standard:CHIRP/Side Imaging/Down Imaging/DualBeam PLUS
Standard Sonar Coverage:20°, 60° & (2) 85° @ -10db (Total of 180°)
Standard Sonar Frequency:200/83/455 kHz
Sonar Optional:50/455 kHz
Target Separation:2.5"
Power Output RMS:500 Watts*
Power Output Peak to Peak:4000 Watts*
Depth Capability:1500 ft
Temperature:Built In Transducer
Speed:GPS Speed Included
Unit Size - Gimbal Mount:10.54"W x 5.44"H x 1.13"D
Mount A Type:Gimbal Mount
Unit Size - Indash Mount:10.54"W x 5.80"H x 3.68"D
Mount B Unit Size2:Optional In-Dash
Mounting Options:Gimbal or Optional In-Dash
Transducer Standard:XNT 9 SI 180 T
Transducer Mounting:Transom
Power Input:10.8-20 VDC
Power Draw:900 mA
GPS Receiver:Included
GPS Tracking:Included
GPS Chartplotting:Included
Waypoints, Routes, Tracks/Points:2,500, 50, 50/20,000
Humminbird Mapping:Optional
Navionics Platinum+:Optional
Platinum Capable:Optional
360 Imaging:Optional
i-Pilot Link:Optional

HD Radar:Optional
NMEA 2000:Optional
5 Port Expansion Module:Optional
Precision GPS:Included
Heading Sensor GPS:Optional
PC Connect:Optional
External GPS Receiver:Not Supported
AIS Compatability:Optional
SwitchFire Sonar:Included
Screen Snap Shot:Included
Sonar Recording:Included
Humminbird PC:Included
Upgradable Internal Software:Included
Split Screen Zoom:Included
Split Screen Bottom Lock:Included
3D Chart View:Included
Large Digits View:Included
Wide/Narrow Cone Split Screen:Included
Custom View Selections:Included
Custom Digital Readout:Included
View Preset Keys:Not Supported
Temperature Graph:Not Included
Temperature Alarm:Included
Freeze Frame:Included
Instant Image Update:Included
Mark Structure on Sonar:Included
Selective Fish ID+:Included
Real Time Sonar:Included
X-Press Menu System:Included
Card Reader Available:Yes
# Card Slots:1

Side Imaging

It’s all in the details. Gain a 180 degree side-to-side perspective on the world below the surface with remarkable Humminbird® Side Imaging®. In an instant, the ultra-thin beam scans the area up to 240 feet to the left and right of your boat location—for total coverage of up to 480 feet. The return image for each slice is then added to the images taken immediately before and after to build an incredible view of the lake bottom. You can then magnify the detail of the image with the zoom feature or mark the GPS location of promising cover or structure directly on the screen. 

Side Imaging's high-frequency beams reveal structure, cover, and contour changes with crystal clarity. The images are so real you might think it’s a camera, but it’s not, so it doesn’t matter how murky the water is.

How to Read Side Imaging

Understanding a few simple concepts will help you grasp the detailed images of Humminbird Side Imaging and make you a master of the lake or sea bottom. Compare the screenshot and diagram to help visualize how Side Imaging works. We’ve included several callouts to explain what you’re seeing. Remember, Side Imaging is a history of what you’ve already passed by.

A- Boat Location 
The position of your boat in relation to the on-screen image. The on-screen image is a history of what you have passed over.
B- Water column
The dark blue area shows structure, cover and activity between the surface and lake bottom.
C- Bottom Profile
Reveals depth and terrain directly beneath the path of your boat.
D- Flat Terrain
Neutral shades of blue represent flatter terrain.
E- Descending Terrain
Dark shades of blue represent descending terrain.
F- Rising Terrain
Lighter shades of blue typically represent terrain rising from the bottom. Sometimes, very hard bottoms appear as a whiter shade.
G- Fallen Log
The shortened horizontal shadows indicate cover very close to the bottom of the lake. The angle of the shadow gives away the orientation of the log.
H- Standing Timber
Objects standing off the bottom directly below the boat will appear in the water column. Structure to the left or right of the boat will appear as a clearly defined bright shape with an adjacent, dark sonar "shadow." This shadow is not caused by light; rather it's the lack of sonar return because the object has already reflected the sonar energy. Generally, long shadows indicate the object is tall, and small shadows indicate something is short. It's important to note the shadow will often tell you more about the object than the primary sonar reflection.

[Visualizing Side Imaging]

Visualizing Side Imaging

Reading the image produced by Humminbird Side Imaging is easy. Simply visualize the screen folded in half down the middle (behind the boat). Then, fold the image again at the lowest point of the water column. The dark blue area provides a visual representation of the water column and lake bottom directly below your boat.

[Understanding the Beam]

Understanding the Beam

Humminbird Side Imaging Sonar uses a razor thin beam to take a “sonar snapshot” of the area up to 240  ft. to the left and right of your location. The return image for this slice is then added to the images taken immediately before and after to build an incredibly detailed view of the lake bottom.

[Bridge Pilings]

Bridge Pilings

Submerged bridge pilings on lake bottom. 

[Finding Bait]

Finding Bait

Side Imaging reveals balls of bait that you can use when targeting where fish are feeding.

[Mark Waypoints]

Mark Waypoints

See something interesting like the sunken sailboat shown here? Save its exact GPS location as a waypoint on your Humminbird Imaging screen for easy return trips.



Enable the zoom mode to hone in on the tiniest details. Here, we’re able to identify predators feeding on baitfish in the water column.

[Split Screen]

Split Screen

View multiple Humminbird sonar technologies at once for a complete picture. Here, we’re able to see this wreck from several angles for optimal lure/bait presentation.

[Range Lines]

Range Lines

Enable range lines to judge the distance between your boat and underwater objects. Here, we can easily see the main hull of this wreck is 27 feet from our starboard side.

[Contour Mode]

Contour Mode

Use Contour Mode to remove the water column. Note how this submerged railroad track now appears as though we’re looking straight down at it from our boat.

[Color Palette]

Color Palette

Adjust color palette, sensitivity and sharpness to match conditions, enhance detail and target fish species. Changing color schemes helped shed new light on this cover.

HELIX 7 G2/G2N Series Overview




360 Compatible:


























What’s NEW with the G2 and G2N?

While most of the features and technical specifications have remained the same, there are some important and exciting new features you should know about.

  • CHIRP Sonar & Imaging – All but the very basic Sonar only model have received an upgrade to CHIRP Sonar and CHIRP Imaging. All this means to you is that instead of pinging the sonar at a fixed frequency, the unit can emit and receive across a small band of frequencies. This helps to produce better imaging clarity and better target separation on sonar.
  • Ethernet Networking (G2N) – Any model with  the “G2N” designation now have an ethernet connection on the back of the unit. You need to buy dongle cables AS EC QDE for each unit you want to connect, and a 5 port ethernet switch AS ETH 5PXG for networking more than two units.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity – You can sync your phone to Bluetooth enable HELIX 7 units to see text notifications, so you don’t have to check your pocket every time. You can control your HELIX 7 hands-free using the optional remote. Limited Time – Get a free Bluetooth remote with purchase from 1/1/2017 through 4/30/2017 using this redemption form.
  • AutoChart Live – AutoChart Live lets you self map uncharted waters. As you drive your boat, the depth lines are drawn onto your screen, showing you important depth changes and structure that could be good fishing spots. There is storage on the unit for 8 hours of recordings, and much more when you use a AutoChart Zero Lines card.
  • AutoChart Bottom Hardness – New this year for all HELIX 7 G2/G2N (and Gen 1 with software update), including HELIX 7 is bottom hardness mapping. Using the AutoChart menus, you can turn on the bottom hardness layer and see exactly how the hardness relates to the depth lines. Fish are drawn to hard bottoms and bottom transitions, and this tool can reveal the crucial details.
  • AutoChart Vegetation Mapping – Like the Bottom Hardness, there is now a Vegetation layer you can display. After running AC Live across your favorite areas, you can turn this layer on and see all the edges, inside/outside turns, holes, and fingers in the grass beds.

AC Live Info

AutoChart Live

ACL BottomHardness

Bottom Hardness

ACL Vegetation

Vegetation Mapping

  • SmartStrike – HELIX 7 G2 an G2N models equipped with GPS are now compatible with SmartStrike mapping cards. These cards are just like the regular regional LakeMaster mapping cards, except they have the additional SmartStrike data. With the card and the unit, it can highlight your map with possible fishing areas based on what you input into the menus.
  • LakeMaster PLUS – This is another type of mapping cards now compatible with HELIX 7 G2/G2N units (as well as older HELIX 7 with the latest software). These cards display satellite imagery and aerial photos of the land surrounding the bodies of water.
  • 360 Capable (G2N) – Since each G2N model is now Ethernet capable, these models can now display the exclusive 360 Imaging. Bow 360 allows you to see up to 150 feet all around you at all times. You can track schools of bait and fish as well as pinpoint cast to specific targets around you.
  • New Keypad Functions – With the latest software release, the HELIX 7 and up have some new keypad functionality that is very convenient. A) The + and – keys now adjust sonar and imaging sensitivity on the fly. B) The check mark key will now change the sonar/imaging frequency on the fly as well. This is far easier than drilling through the menus. C) The waypoint key has a short and long press function. Long press will save a waypoint with a snapshot, and short press will save just the waypoint.

Humminbird HELIX 7 CHIRP SI GPS G2N (NMEA) 410340-1M

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