Navicom RT 550 VHF fiksna radio postaja

Navicom fiksni VHF uređaj - DSC - klasa D - 25W

fiksna VHF stanica za marine upotrebu, DSC

Šifra proizvoda: RT550
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RT550DSC Marine Class-D VHF 

The radio can support DSC operation with specially designed DSC unit.
When being connected with GPS, it will display the position of the vessel.
Compact fist microphone makes for convenient operation of the equipment

  • 25 Watts
  • ASN (DSC)
  • Waterpr oof front face
  • Large LCD display


  • Access to all available International channels
  • Allows memory all channels for quick recall and memory scan
  • Provides 20 users programmable names with MMSI
  • Outstanding performance of waterproof complying with Japanese Industry Standard IP67
  • Quick selection of the emergency call on CH16
  • Handset with channel up and down and channel 16
  • Only one VHF antenna is needed
  • The large LCD display is easily readable even from a big distance
  • Only one VHF base antenna is required
  • Protection against interferences

ETSI - European Telecommunications Standard Institute - has stipulated the specific requirements EN 301 025-1/2/3 for marine radio with class D DSC feature for use on non-SOLAS vessels.


Homologation RTTE
Waterproofness IPX7
Backlit LCD display YES
International channels access 55
Usual channel storage 10
Last selected channel memorisation YES
Simplex-duplex modes YES
BlueTooth NO
Digital selective call (DSC) Class «D»
AIS Reception NO
Wireless Handset NO
MOB Watch NO
Tansmission Power 25 or 1 W
Normal operating voltage +13.8V DC
Minimum operating voltage 10 V
Dual/Tri watch YES
Internal speaker 4 W / 8
Jack for external speaker YES
Dimensions HWT(mm) 71X161X147
Weight 1290g
  • RT 550 VHF primopredajnik + handset
  • nosač
  • kit za ugradnju
  • dokumentacija

Navicom RT-550 DSC VHF

The compact RT-550 VHF radio is ideal for pleasure craft, small commercial fishing boats or any user that requires a simple DSC equipped radio.

  • Integrated class D DSC
  • Ship identification in distress calls
  • Acknowledgement message sent by receiving stations
  • 20 programmable MMSI numbers
  • 10 programmable channels
  • Large backlit display
  • Visual & audio alarms
  • Channel & output power selection from fistmike

Designed for ship to ship or ship to shore calls the RT-550 has an integrated class D DSC with message register.

By simply pressing the distress key, the DSC system allows a distress call to be transmitted that will be recognised by all DSC VHF equipped ships & shore stations in range telling them your boats details, time of call & position.

The DSC system utiliseds MMSI numbers unique to each vessel, making standard & distress calls much quicker & easier than traditional channel 16 calling.

NAVICOM vhf radio
vhf rt 550 fiksna vhf stanica

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