Lowrance HD radar 6kW

Lowrance TX06S-1 6kW 4ft Open Array Radar w/20m Cable & Radar Processor

Šifra proizvoda: TX06S-1
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Lowrance HD radar 6kW   šifra:TX06S-1

TX06S-1 6 kW, 4 ft open array Radar Kit. Parts included: 6 kW 4' scanner with 20 m (66 ft) cable, HD Radar Processor, RJ45 to 5 Pin Yellow (F) Adapter (Straight Though), Ethernet cable Yellow MM 2 m (6.5 ft)

HD Digital Radar systems combine high performance 2 to 25kW scanners and microwave technology with the latest digital signal processing.

  • Radar/Chart Overlay - interfaces charts and radar detail in a single, detail-rich display when coupled with an optional,

compatible NMEA0183® or NMEA2000® heading sensor.

  • Clearest Viewing - Automatic Tune, Gain and Sea Clutter adjustments provide “hands off” operation in Harbour and Offshore Modes.
  • Smart STC - Digital Sensitivity Time Control curves reject clutter with setting of return strength/distance thresholds.
  • Color Recognition - Color palette choices for improved target distinction based on viewing conditions.
  • MARPA/Guard Zones - target tracking of up to 10 targets and dual guard zones.
  • NS series support MARPA target tracking and dual guard zones with these HD radars.
  • HD pulse radars are designed for boaters that go really far from land and want to see the details in weather cells

>20nm away. In fact, the 25kW has proven to see tall storms as far as 100nm away.

  • The Open Arrays are best for BIRD finding. Remember – the longer the array the better the resolution and target separation.
  • If navigation is primary importance, recommend Broadband 4G and 3G Radars instead.
  • 2kW is for 12V systems only. 4/6kW work on 12/24V, while 10/25kW need 24V.
  • HD digital radars automatically adjust color gradients on longer range for better interpretation of targets. This is especially useful when looking into storm areas and weather fronts.
  • Radar allows the cursor to be placed over an anchored vessel to gather the latitude/longitude position. Great for pinpointing new potential fishing spots without being recognized.


  • All Pulse Radars always have a blind spot at the center on shortest ranges.
  • Be sure to use our RC42 rate compass for best Chart and MARPA overlay performance for HDS/NS series.
  • It is usually OK to operate 2 pulse radars on the same boat, if physically separated by at least 6’ and interference rejection (IR) is set high on both scanners.
  • Never look into a pulse radar or stand close to it while it is operating. The more powerful the radar, the farther the safe distance becomes.


Product Length [mm] 1285
Product Width [mm] 344
Product Height [mm] 432
Weight [kg] 24
Product Width 344 mm / 13.5 in
Product Height 432 mm / 17 in
Product Weight 24 kg / 52.9 lbs


Power Consumption 120 W (Max)
Power Supply (Supply Voltage) 10.8 V - 42 V


Antenna Distance Range [nm] 64
Antenna Horizontal Beam Width [deg] 1.8 °
Antenna Output Power [kW] 6
Antenna Receiver Noise Figure [dB] 6
Antenna Rotation Speed 27
  • Lowrance HD radar 6kW
  • 000-12591-001  6KW RADAR PROCESSOR BOX (WINCE)  ... 6kW Navico Radar black box processor pack (WINCE)
  • Eth. Adpt RJ45-5 pin Y ... Ethernet adapter Straight RJ45 M to yellow 5 pin F 0.2m (8")
  • Eth Cab 1.8m (6ft) ... Ethernet cable yellow 5 Pin 1.8 m (6 ft)
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